‘Willow Creek’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: May 2nd 2014

Writer/Director Bobcat Goldthwait’s ‘WILLOW CREEK’, is a atmospheric found footage horror film about a young couple (a believable couple played by Bryce Johnson and Alexie Gilmore), who go to Willow Creek and follow a 1967 home movie tape to see if the legend of Bigfoot does exist. While it does take its time to get going the film certainly has elements of black-comedy underlining what is happening. It also has a very effect 19 minutes in a tent which moves from embarrassment into terror for characters. It has gone down well on the horror festival seen, and deceivably as well. Considering how much found footage films like this have become ridiculed since the days of ‘The Blair Witch Project’, this actually works pretty well, and has fun on its genre conventions.

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