‘Walk of Shame’ – Film Thoughts/Review


Writer and director Steven Brill’s ‘WALK OF SHAME’ is a comedy film about Elizabeth Banks’ TV reporter trying to get to work after a ‘Hangover’ – style night out, so she can anchor the local news at 5pm the following day and get the job she’s been working up to. Released in cinemas and Video on Demand services at the same time in its US release in March 2014, the film has yet to be released in the UK at the time of writing (however I suspect the constant US pop culture jokes don’t help with getting it a release over here). The problem with this film is the over reliance of the ‘’mistaken for a ho’’ joke which runs throughout and because she is wearing a yellow short dress. There is an interesting idea that everyone thinks she’s a prostitute and how they don’t notice her off the TV, however I couldn’t help but think they are missing a good joke her. Why don’t these character she encounter’s on her ‘’walk of shame’’ don’t notice her because they don’t watch the local news, instead consume the news like a lot of people do of this era on the internet. This is the problem with this film, despite the very talent and capable cast (Banks and James Marsden are fine talents), you cant help that the whole gags were wrote revolving around the title of the film, instead of having to reuse the same joke twenty times. This really could have been a smart comedy which could function on two levels, the main comedic audience, but also act to certain audiences in regards to social commentary on the news today. There are still funny moments though, however considering the pedigree of talent I really do expect more.

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