‘The Guest’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: September 5th 2014

Adam Wingard’s ‘THE GUEST’ is a film enriched in the 1980’s VHS genre of cinema. Dan Stevens is a David, a mysterious stranger who winds up on the doorstep of a family to inform them that their son has been killed while out on tour. The family’s daughter (Maika Monroe) isn’t too convinced on the charm David is pulling off her family, and soon finds a dark secret.
With a synthesised 80’s soundtrack, ‘The Guest’ certainly plays up the 1980’s genre classic like ‘The Terminator’ and more so John Carpenter. The third act in a amusement park might come across as dipping into self parody, particularly how the music and the costumes characters are wearing (one includes a Carpenter dad protagonist moustache and a blue dinner uniform). I personally found it very cleaver, and while it’s not as cleaver as Wingard’s last film ‘Your Next’, this will certainly find a deserving cult audience. Dan Stevens and Maika Monroe also look like stars coming out of this film. This is something which A) would be like John Carpenter directing a Michael Jackson video, and B) something which could have been easily released in the 1980’s. I found this very clever (watch out for the maze and masks from ‘Your Next’), and something which Icon distribution in the UK can easily add to the back catalogue of genre film, including ‘Cold in July’ and ‘Drive’.

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