‘The Equilizer’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: Friday 26th September 2014

Based on the old TV show of the same name with Edward Woodward, Antoine Fuqua’s ‘THE EQUILIZER’ is a modern take on the TV show with Denzel Washington. Washington is familiar with action, after all he kicked a lot of ass in the past in films such as ‘Man on Fire’ and such. And in this you do feel like he is wanting more then what he is been given here, and this is a shame as Washington is the last of the old-school Hollywood actors. In every scene you see him trying to get something more out of the character, but there is nothing there to draw onto.
It was reported this was the highest rated R rated film in regards to a Sony Pictures film in the test audience stage, however I really find it hard why. What you get is a very standard action picture. Yes it is violent (cut for UK cinema release to get a 15), however there is no conscience to this guys actions, as the idea is he make things ‘’equal’’, but he seems to go the extra mile and murders them. I just find it bizarre as he is not really making it ‘’equal’’. I also just didn’t care for the character, Washington seems invincible after he blows the oil tanker up midway through this long film, and then everything becomes cannon fodder. Marton Csokas is very good in this Russian accountant role, even it continues Hollywood’s trend of casting Russian’s as the bad guys, giving them tattoos and such.

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