‘That Awkward Moment’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: 29th January 2014

Titled in Australia as ‘Are We Officially Dating?’, writer/director Tom Gormican’s ‘THAT AWKWARD MOMENT’ has the very talented young cast of Zac Efron (also producer and with no shirt on in most of the film, no doubt meaning it is some contractual obligation), Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Imogen Poots, Mackenzie Davies and Jessica Lucas. Presented as a subverted date movie (which is very much a trend in Hollywood at the moment – see the upcoming ‘Love, Rosie’ for one) finds, that after their friends marriage breaks down (this being the brilliant Jordan), Efron and Teller decide to go single and never get into the relationship game. However when Imogen Poots (doing this plunky thing that she does – not that is bad, but her American accent is) and Mackenzie Davies arrive on the scene, the bet of keeping single might not work out. Now im all up for subverting conventions of romantic date night films, I like the cast, however I think this films really is very misjonistic. You have (what appears to be introduced as) strong female romantic leads in the film, only for them to won over by the bigoted, overly use of bad language, characters of Efron and Teller, including one quote thinking she was a prostitute. Not unless I’m mistaken, but when has a lady thought it was a good think to be mistaken for a prostitute? I get that the male protagonist start out as bigots and go through a transformation of their options as the film progress’, but really?
Also the title of ‘That Awkward Moment’ probably only applies to the cast, as you do think why are they doing thing, and why in years down the line will they think it was a good think do this awkward film? There aren’t particularly any funny jokes and the characters really are not likeable (let alone being super rich). I give it there are some comments about relationships in there which you could say is the subversive part against the conventions of its genre, but other than that – NO JUST NO!

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