‘Sharknado 2: The Second One’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: July 31st 2014 (Straight to TV via Syfy)

Syfy Channel and Asylum Studies ‘SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE’, is the sequel to the first ‘Sharknado’ from last year, which just from its trailer made the Syfy original TV movie have a limited cinemas run in the US. Since then it’s become a strange cult figure on the internet so it’s only natural the sequel came along. I think the issue with this it has become to big for itself. I personally cant see it as a B-Movie anymore as you don’t ‘discover’ it like what you do with all good B-movies and more so the original ‘Sharknado’. What I’m basically saying (other than a ‘Evil Dead 2’ knock-off plot device in here), the most B-movie thing here is Tara Reid. Also you know how it’s lost trying to be a B-movie when the whole thing has become too big and has made cameos for Kelly Osbourne, Perez Hilton, Billy Ray Cyrus, Kurt Angle and Robert Hays. I don’t get it really, other than getting the cameos to appear in this film which is trying far too hard to B-movie, not that you have to ‘’try-hard’’ to become one. That and the these celebrities probably want to be in this film so they can get more an online trend and presence about their careers again, since this film depend on audiences getting the online word about (hell it wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t). If viewers are thinking this is amazing I recommend you look up anything from Troma Studios. Also note why the film wrote in that snow appears in New York, so they can get over the snow fall of the February months, no B-movies ever write around logistical issues. They should have kept this whole thing as an internet parody video.

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