‘Magic Magic’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: April 18th 2014

Writer – director Sebastian Silva’s ‘MAGIC MAGIC’, tells the tale of a shy American (Juno Temple), whose mind begins to unravel during a trip to a remote island off the coast of Chile in this well-acted if yet muddled psychological thriller. On this trip she is joined (briefly) by her cousin (Emily Browning) and a obnoxious American in Chile (Michael Cera, probably playing his real life self).
The film certainly throws a lot at you from hypnotism, hallucinations and shamanism; however all that seems to go off the rails towards the end, and this is a shame as it has some interesting ideas of presenting and directing this on screen. Temple is terrific conveying her character’s mental fragility and what is essentially a mental illness (something which still isn’t used as much in psychological horror films). With this there are certain wispers of that of Polanski in this film. It is shame though that some of the general storytelling lets these ideas down, as while the film does play tricks on the mind, it does it without fully engaging your senses. Silva made this film as a companion move to ‘Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus’, which also had Cera in it, in virtually the same role as here.

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