‘Gone Girl’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: October 3rd 2014

One of the most anticipated releases this year was the adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s ‘GONE GIRL’ from director David Fincher. This includes the interesting cast of Rosamund Pike (the Amy role she plays was called the ‘’most important role to get’’ by Variety in 2012), Ben Affleck as Nick, and other including Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry and Scoot McNairy. Before I begin I must warn of minor theme based spoilers because they will be coming!
Laced with black comedy (a director’s hallmark), it is clear why Fincher was attracted to this project in the first place. Basically it is a deconstruction of a relationship, almost an anti-date movie as viewers could be ending up questioning about the way they act. Rare for a Hollywood picture is the idea about façades, and how people build them and play them off. A lot of the black comedy is laced with this idea, throughout the film you see characters appear on TV, and before going on learning to convey a particular emotion and point, in the form of sending out a image via the media and manipulating viewers to this image. The black comedy aspect comes out when the media try reporting that Nick’s sister (a terrific Carrie Coon) is a lesbian. This idea is very much the films vocal point and punchline, and Fincher is able to craft it with such clarity. This certainly crossover’s into the theme of being able to be anyone on social media in the ‘Social Network’. And this theme is rare in a mainstream Hollywood film. This theme can be seen in the marketing itself. The posters and trailers certainly paint a façade, indicating this isn’t a normal conventional murder mystery, and after watching the film the posters themselves will make more sense to what you have watched. It adds this almost social experiment like aspect to the film. There is also certainly a Paul Verhoeven vibe to the film as well; you could see the director of ‘Basic Instinct’ making this back in his more popular days. This is a story about storytelling. Be interesting to see if the original author has cracks forming in her marriage when writing the original novel.
Rosamund Pike is terrific in the role of Amy, she embodies the character extremely well. What I do like about her, she has a almost ageless quality to her, and from this will finally become the big star which I think was expecting to be. Affleck is wonderful as Nick as well, initially I was worried his Batman bulk he has point on might ruin what he looks like, being a writer in this, but that isn’t a issue. Both of Pike and Affleck certainly bring this strange ‘Team Nick’, ‘Team Amy’ support to their characters as well. You also have Fincher regular turning up from ‘Zodiac’ in the cast as well.
Shot in 6K the film looks beautiful. The shot of Pike underwater is exquisite and will certainly spawn a load of clones. The film does feel like a crime scene, you get a sense that you shouldn’t touch or disrupt any visual surface. There is some problems, the ending will be like marmite, and the knock in tone is a little jarring, however the ending certainly has a style where you do question if it is really meant to be liked. And there isn’t any comeuppance ether as it just ends.
Still though this is real grown up entertainment, and should be celebrated, certainly one of the most interesting pictures I’ve seen this year.

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