‘Fury’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: October 22nd 2014

David Ayer director of ‘End of Watch’ and rather amusingly this year’s ‘Sabotage’, brings a World War 2 action flick of ‘FURY’. Lead by tank commander played by Brad Pitt, he leads his team of new comer Logan Lerman, Jon Bernthal, Michael Pena and Shia LaBeouf (who is really good here) into action behind enemy lines. The film also includes appearances from Randy Couture and (in his usual exposition role) Jason Isaacs.
Ayer certainly shoots the film with a lot of grit and mud, and being shot in England he certainly uses the locations really well. It is a very macho film though, something which wouldn’t be too far distant from being a Sam Peckinpah film with its grit and gore.
What I did like thought is that it wasn’t ‘’all American gun-ho’’ which, despite being obsessed with Brad Pitt, could have gone down especially in the film’s final act, but it doesn’t. Lerman is very much the stand out of the group, he does well to be the vessel for audience into the horrors of this war and this team (Ayer follows this group aspect from ‘Sabotage’). This machismo does make it feel like Ayer doesn’t really know what he is doing in regards to writing female characters, as there is a bizarre dinner scene, which is unsure if it wants to make a joke at the women’s expense or feel sympathetic to them.
There is certainly a old fashioned practicality about it thought, the tank battles are very good, even if the visual filters for gun fire might want to be decreased a little. But this practicality and gore does lack isolation in these tanks and more so any real sense of transcending depth, which is weird considering it mentions a lot about religion and such.

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