‘For No Good Reason’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: May 30th 2014

HBO Films ‘For No Good Reason’, is a documentary about the life and career of British cartoonist/artist Ralph Steadman. Presented and interviewed by Johnny Depp this is intimate look back to his relationship with Hunter S. Thompson and his political drawing, and his artistic style. There is some good voxpots from Richard E. Grant telling a story about him drawing over real life photography portraits, bringing a real life edge to his work, with the drawing he does over the photos and also a good point raised from Tery Gillian about how he can let his rage out, but also keep it contained and coherent in his art. The impression I get from this documentary is that Steadman is very much a personal man at heart, and with Johnny Depp interviewing him and admiring his work (which he shows construction off) seems to more relaxed about telling his many stories ranging from his travels to the US in the 1970’s to ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’. It might not be very provocative in the long run, and Gonzo/Steadman devotees might not get too much from what is told, but it certainly has a artistic element about it, with little animated antidotes from Steadman to help to tell his many past stories. An interesting watch, and good edition to the HBO documentary film archive.

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