‘Dracula Untold’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: October 3rd 2014

‘’We don’t need heroes, we need monsters instead’’, is the line used frequently in ‘DRACULA UNTOLD’, the first film in Universal’s (Marvel like) shared monster’s universe*, you can see with a line like that being very vocally used as it does feel like a small gag at the expense of the Marvel cinematic universe. Saying this thought, this is less a horror film more a dark comic book fantasy, where Luke Evans’ Vlad (this was meant to be in development for years), literally might as well get bitten by a radioactive bat to become the ‘’Bat-Man’’. And this is strange as this does work as a comic book origins story, Vlad himself is a good man and he does have a cape as well.
Once he gets these silly powers the film becomes full of fairly awful CGI. This is all to battle Dominic Cooper evil warlord, who is that evil he hardly appears on screen. Charles Dance is the mystical dark figure giving Vlad his powers (but his role was changed in the edit it was believed, and was done to what I think will make him the Nick Fury of this world going forward). Sarah Gadon is also very much trying to be Emily Blunt in this film. The thing is there is room for old school gothic horror in the current market place, and from the opening title sequences I actually thought that it was going to be the case, however I was mistaken. While not as bad as 2004’s ‘Van Helsing’, the film feels like it’s been adapted from a treatment rather then a actual script.
*A new ‘Mummy’ film will be the next film, scheduled for a June 2016 release.

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