‘Cabin Fever: Patient Zero’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: January 2014 (direct to video)

CABIN FEVER: PATIENT ZERO’, is the prequel to the Eli Roth directed first instalment from back in 2002. Directed by Kaare Andrews (contributor to the ‘ABC’s of Death’ and fellow direct-to-video horror ‘Altitude’). The thing with this prequel is that this flesh-eating virus doesn’t seem to kill anyone unless their arms fall off. So when someone’s guts are getting ripped out the character still seem to stay alive, and I find this oddly strange as this never occupied in the original Eli Roth film, and makes these infected characters more like third-rate zombies. I give it the film is violent, a lot of what transpires does appear on near naked women, in regards to infection (Jillian Murray makes in most of the film) and amusingly a scientist with such a low cut top you think shes out of a Rodger Corman film. The thing with this thought its too silly, it’s trying to be something it clearly isn’t. Sean Austin appears in more a extended cameo, but this is a long way from at least the ambition of the Eli Roth original which featured some strange 1970’s cinema references if I recall. Ultimately this whole thing produced here is ‘Cabin Fever’, but only in its title.

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