‘A Most Wanted Man’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: September 12th 2014

Classic spy film ‘A MOST WANTED MAN’ is from director Anton Corbijn. Backed by Film4 this film is a European set thriller featuring the final, fully finished performance of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Also in this are Rachel McAdams and Robin Wright.
‘A Most Wanted Man’ is an interesting film, you can perhaps tell it’s been backed by Film4 as there is certainly a very anti-American message about it all. Furthermore the main character played by Hoffman, learns about the actual teachings of Islam, and that they do not preach terrorism you might have expected. If anything most of it, is coming from a idea that they a victim of circumstance. The film is a classic spy film, and unlike more recent releases, the twist comes after it’s been set out, rather than happening and then the characters clambering to find out what happened. I do like the idea it also feels like a real story, bankers are involved, the plot is neatly placed together and follows through, making its ending deserving. Corbijn does stretch the story as he did with ‘Control’ and ‘The American’, but it works here as (again) this is a classic slow moving spy story.
Performances on the board are great, however I couldn’t help but thinking that letting Hoffman speak with a German accent seemed like an odd choice. Was this done to “level out” his performance with the accents of the other German actors? Or did the filmmakers try to give the whole film a more authentically German sound? Given the fact that all written documents in the film (such as newspaper headlines, passports, building and street signs, etc) were in German I found this a slightly distracting creative choice. As such, the film might actually work better for German native speakers in its dubbed version.

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