‘Banshee Chapter’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: January 27th 2014 (Direct to DVD)

’, a low budget horror film produced by Zachary Quinto has Katia Winter’s journalist, with a help of a stranger (Ted Levine), try work out the mystery of her friends death from taking a old US Government funded experimental drug from the war. The film itself might entice the horror festival audiences, and there is good use of stock footage, creating a conspiracy theory background of Bill Clinton and stuff. The film however does feel at times very student like, from the wannabe use of old Super 8 cameras for sequences in the past, being just as bright and clear as the stuff shown on the main protagonists digital camera, other than just some crappy after-effect used for camera grain, to the under direction of the actors and Winter’s main character constantly speaking out plot exposition, even when she is alone. Some of the budget limitation can be omitted, as you know what you’re getting going in (basically it ends up going from one house to another), I think the big issue however is the fact it can’t decide if it wants to be some found footage horror film, or something more liner, particularly with the constant cutting between the main character POV talked down to flip camera, to the handheld, but feels like a camera man is there-direction to the rest of it. And this is a shame, as there is certainly an interesting idea here, and one which certainly would have played good respect to that of the work of H.P Lovecraft, which it has been inspired from.

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