‘The Invisable Women’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: February 7th 2014 (West End/London), February 21st 2014 (UK Wide)

Ralph Fiennes second film ‘THE INVISABLE WOMEN’, stars himself as Charles Dickens and tells the tale of his relationship with Nelly Ternan (Felicity Jones). What you get with this period drama is a very succulent and elegant piece of work, which has so much going on underneath it in regards to character emotion then just what is presented in the films explicitly narrative. Fiennes has been given room in Abi Morgan’s script treatment of Claire Tomalin’s book, to let the action and emotions of these characters by played out just from facial expressions. There is a real treat in just watching this natural form of acting, and considering Fiennes has one of the most talent young British actress’ of Felicity Jones as a resource, it also helps. Jones is so good you really get a sense of her inner-conflicted and how deeply Nelly affected Dickens and how their hook-up ultimately enslaving them. Several mysterious allures come from this as well. Is Dickens interested in Nelly because she is young and extractive? Or is it because she is a Dickens fanatic draw in by the powerful older man and talented young stage actress?

Jones really does show and bring these inner-turmoil’s to screen extremely well, with utter ease. And this is very much the approach to all of characters in this film. All the main characters are presented with arrange of aims and motives, which has a viewer is a joy to see and guess which one they are really playing to. One of the better allures is that of Joanna Scanlan as Catherine Dickens, the wife who is very torn, but also a mirror image to that of Felicity Jones’s Nelly. Also these ideas does create something which rather mysterious and engrossing as the film goes one, making it something which could have been on paper a generic ITV drama, however doesn’t. One of the years highlight British films thanks to the acting, direction and Morgan’s rich script which doesn’t excuse Dickens philandering but doesn’t descend to easy finger-wagging.

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