‘Sabotage’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: May 7th 2014

After the success of ‘End of Watch’, David Ayer’s next visceral cop action film ‘SABOTAGE’ has him teaming with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a surprisingly all star cast of an unrecognisable Sam Worthington, Terrance Howard, Joe Manganiello, Josh Holloway, (real life karate black belt) Mireille Enos and Olivia Williams.

The film itself as you expect does have very much Ayer’s visual eye with the cameras been fixed to the end of guns and camera surrounding the actors and constantly moving as if you are meant to feel like a camera man is there shooting them, as if it was a documentary. While that might have worked in the real life styling’s of ‘End of Watch’, this sadly is more a strip down action thriller, which for a ‘15’ certificate is rather violent, with gallons¬ of blood, and people getting nailed to the ceiling being a frequent act. The level of violence also shows a lot of (if yet casual) human casualties as well – around three very in your face civilian killings do happen on screen. It is a very macho affair, the word ‘penis’ is used a lot mixed with guns, tattoos, and beer. You do wonder how someone like Olivia Williams (who has the best lines in the film) is doing in something like this. Arnie himself does keep the whole, too-old-for-this-crap gag surprisingly out of this, and while I think a younger Arnie of the 90’s would have been able to inhabit the role better, he never really convinces, and seems to do a weird smile to the camera at times, which does take away from the films dramatic beats, which it is wanting you to react to. There is some good little jokes though about his political and weightlifting days in there though. The most amusing thing in this film however is that all the male heroes get cool 80’s wrestling names like ‘Crusher’ and ‘Breacher’, while Mireille Enos (arguably the most interesting member of the group) is just called ‘Lizzy’.

Either way it should keep action fans at bay. If you’re looking for something with more thought, particularly from someone like Ayer, then this isn’t goanna be the thing for you. It has been Arnie biggest box office bomb in 30 years, and I can see why, you’re not really goanna see anything which requires going out to a cinema to see, when really it’s just a big budget direct-to-DVD action film which a Dolph Lundgren or Steven Seagal could have done. So basically what I’m saying is watch it on Netflick’s if this is your thing, as you might enjoy it more than forking out a cinema ticket for this, as I am positive this is where its going to find it audience, which made the box office lack.

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