‘Rage’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: September 22nd 2014 (direct to DVD), Import reviewed.

RAGE’ (also known in some markets as ’TOKAREV‘) is an action drama with Nicolas Cage, Rachel Nichols, Danny Glover and Peter Stormare. With no UK release*, this viewing has been watched on an Australian Blu-Ray import. The film itself is the typical who-killed-my-daughter type thing; the difference here is that there is a very dark story which goes into the depths of the Russian underworld. Cage does bring an intense presence here (taping into his on-the-edge 90’s mould), and there is a surprising a good sense of impending doom in it, with its bleak ending. It might not win any prizes, but this is a nice change of norm for a Nic Cage action vehicle (excluding Simon West’s ‘Stolen’ which I really liked). This should certainly do its job for its audience on a Saturday evening and bring some thought into the proceedings as well.

*At time of writing

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