‘3 Days to Kill’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: June 20th 2014

Luc Besson has been a busy man as of late. His latest scripted European action romp from his ‘Europacorp’ production ‘3 DAYS TO Kill’, see Kevin Costner (who has been having a reinvention as of late), as a fatally ill retire CIA agent, who gets a drug to keep alive from mysterious figure Amber Heard, under the idea he works for her. Set in Paris (naturally with it being Besson scripting here), he Costner also hopes to reconnect with his estranged wife Connie Nielson, and daughter (a very grown up since ‘True Grit’ – but given typical sulky teenager role), Hailee Steinfeld.

The thing with Besson’s scripting as of late is the fact that not only does he use the same universal comedy (here Costner’s ringtone), as with his last directed film of ‘The Family’, which falls a bit flat, is that how he scripts ever French person as some eccentric foreigners in their own country. These strange stereotypes have been running rampart in his films as of late, and it will be interesting to see if this is the case for the upcoming ‘Lucy’. He also has scripting one of the worst learning to ride a bike sequences in cinema. There is some plays to the whole ‘Crank’ formula (but more backwards), and there is that to ‘The Bodyguard’ as well (however not as nodding as De Niro watching ‘Goodfellas’ in ‘The Family’). The script seems to wrestle between the story of Costner’s mission and the plot thread of him spending time with his daughter, as t it never really seems to stick and end in a satisfying conclusion. Amber Heard (a strange dominatrix lady in this) is also very much victim of this as well, she just seems to disappear, and you do wonder if Costner’s committed performance does go to waste. Still though this is the best directed McG film I’ve sat through, and from the sounds of it, it wasn’t a hateful set like that of ‘Terminator: Salvation’. On a side note this is a very interesting (more technical) review of the film for you: http://www.littlewhitelies.co.uk/theatrical-reviews/3-days-to-kill-26986

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