‘Paranoia’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: March 7th 2014 (limited cinema run, straight-to-DVD release at the same time)

Already widely received as one of the worst films of last year, and more so biggest bomb, Robert Luketic (‘Legally Blonde’, ‘Win A Date with Ted Hamilton!’, ‘Monster-in-Law’, ‘21’, ‘The Ugly Truth’ and ‘The Killer’s’) ‘PARANOIA’ has been released on this side of the Atlantic. Acting in his first lead role is Liam Hemsworth (here not given enough to do and at moments very bland), being caught up in corporate espionage between two tech rivals of Harrison Ford (here with a bad-ass bald head, and token gruff accent) and Gary Oldman (here with his token cockney accent). The thing with this film there is some impressive casting, but you do suspect why (other than money) have these actors signed up to do this film. Amber Heard here is stuck doing girlfriend duties again, Lucas Till as the wisecracking stereotypical geek friend, Julian McMahon as evil bodyguard and Richard Dreyfuss the ill but wise father (again!). The biggest bewilderment though is the casting of Hemsworth as a software engineer, not unless they were doing a James Bond, ultimate male dream idea, it just doesn’t work as its not convincing that he would be able to do this, and more so doesn’t look like he would with the washboard abs, knowing every sex position, and fast talking jibe skills on show here.

Everything feels very rushed in this film (I don’t know if this is because they had so many days to film with Oldman/Ford perhaps, hence why they stumble into scenes), it’s editing is very jarring, the Junkie XL soundtrack feels very out of place, and then it leads into something which rips off ‘Wall Street’. It is better watched as something to have on in the background while doing house work or something. If this teaches you anything, it is that anyone will do anything for money in Hollywood, even if the moral message of the film is clearly against that.    

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