‘Hours’ – Film Thoughts/Review

UK Release: January 20th 2014 (Direct-to-DVD)

The late Paul Walker stars in ‘HOURS’ a thriller set to the backdrop of Hurricane Katrina and how the attempts of a recently widowed father trying to look after his new born daughter in a abandoned hospital as the storm rages on.

With a poster which reminds you strangely of ‘Inception’ (the idea the sea if covering the ground of the city), comes this surprisingly good enough thriller. Yes ever plot cliché happens, but Walker (arguably on of his best works here – with a good emotional range) holds the film together nicely. It does get silly when thugs get involved (not that it didn’t happen in real life), characters do things which they wouldn’t have done if they were in real life and some effects do look very imposed, but this is still a entertaining enough package for what it is. Genesis Rodriguez offers good support to Walker as his deceased wife in flashbacks, but fans of Paul Walker will find a ‘kick’ in watched the now deceased actor in this film (I’m positive there is a actual term coined for this – please comment if you do know it), but for what it is, is a well spirited little film.

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