‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ – Film Thoughts/Review

The ‘INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE’ is a comedy about Steve Carell’s magician of the title, trying to get back his Las Vegas show, after a popular David Blaine/Kris Angel type figure (Jim Carrey) contemporary magic take away his audience, while trying to recruit Olivia Wilde and former partner Steve Buscemi.

I think the issue is with this film, while there are good gags, the whole thing feels very dated. A lot of the humour and referencing probably could have worked back in the late 90’s, but the whole David Blaine/’Kriss Angel: Mind Freak’ thing has been parodied many times before, and done a lot better (including the gag about the perspex box), which very much could be contributed by how long this film has been waiting for its release. Everyone is good in it, it’s just a shame Carrell’s ‘Burt’ isn’t the likeable character to get behind, leaving the scrappy appearances of Steve Buscemi, Jim Carrey and Alan Arkin to move it along. There is also a weird thing where the magic themselves is actually computer generated, and to me ruins really caring if ‘Burt’ will get his show back, particularly with the point it makes about going back to ‘old school’ tricks. A fairly steady comedy, which would have been bigger and better if it was released in the 1990’s.

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