‘Broken City’ – Film Thoughts/Review

The talented Allen Hughes’ ‘BROKEN CITY’, is not only his first film away from his brother Albert, but is a crime thriller about Mark Wahlberg’s cop turned private eye who works for the Mayor of New York (Russell Crowe) to uncover an affair his wife (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is having. This off course sets off into political and police corruption. The film also has the cast of Kyle Chandler, Jeffery Wright and Natalie Martinez.

The issue with this film, it does try to be one of those crime thrillers from the 1990’s, by going south by some 70’s political thriller/’Chinatown’. While that sounds good on paper, it falls down with a disappointing central performance by Mark Wahlberg, and a fairly straight forward narrative. There no real narrative depth to this political undercurrents, and really other than the typical ‘power corrupts’ potboilers (where is the 90’s Kim Basinger and Andy Garcia when you need them), it contributes to nothing. There is also a bewildering subplot about Natalie Martinez trying to be a actor to. On a side note here is my signed Mark Wahlberg poster from the UK  press junket from back in March: Image

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