‘Bernie’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Richard Linklater’s ‘BERNIE’, is a true life story about Jack Black’s funeral director in Texas ‘Bernie’, and his relationship with Shirley MacLaine which resulting in dire consequences. Presenting as a doc-u-drama (or even a mockumentary), the film brings interesting story telling elements about the Law system, and how what happens, is a interesting look into ethics of crime and punishment .

 Jack Black is great as ‘Bernie’, of the title, and shows you that Linklater is the best at getting performances out from Black. What is so good is the fact that you want to get behind him, but still you know he’s in the wrong.  This is really down to the well judged black comedy throughout, including that of Shirley MacLaine.  Matthew McConaughey adds extra value as the District Attorney. A genuine treat.

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One Response to ‘Bernie’ – Film Thoughts/Review

  1. CMrok93 says:

    We actually care for Bernie here, which is why when things begin to go South for him, we can’t help but sympathize for the guy and just root him on. Even if we already know the outcome of his story, we still somehow feel for him. Good review.

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