‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues’ – Film Thoughts/Review

After ten years of waiting, finally a sequel to the cult comedy has arrived with ‘ANCHORMAN 2: THE LEGEND CONTINUES’, with Will Ferrell returning as Ron Burgundy, as him and his team end up tackling 24 Hour News Channels. Originally turned down by the studio of Paramount, even with the DVD sales picking up its box office totals, the film was seem to viewed as a one trick pony. Rumours came to fray that it would be a musical, while other thought there would be a film, but have them go abroad.

At times ‘Anchorman 2’ is funny, unfortunately though you do start to thing where Paramount was coming from with them originally not wanting to make this sequel. You do get the feeling this is become a little too self aware of its success and the originals impact on pop culture. Everything just comes across as ‘’too much’’, and eventually (and I saw this with hardcore fans of the original) it just isn’t funny enough. Other then Burgundy’s new rival of James Marsden, everything plays out just like the original films gags. Meaning you have another fight scene between rival anchors, only this time with more star cameos (one of them though can be seen as if this is the best thing he has been in all year) and more sexist misogyny. Again there are moments where it is funny, but everything feels broader, more self aware, more up its own arse (playing gags for 14 year olds) and dare I say it not very ‘Anchorman’- like neither. Still Steve Carell’s Brick is funny as always – it is just a shame that Baxter the Dog isn’t used as much. Either way while it remains to be seen to see if it will play the same way it did me in showing, with hardcore fans, you do think they have missed a opportunity to make something a little more meaningful, and something more interesting.

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