‘Penthouse North’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Dimension Films ‘PENTHOUSE NORTH’ is a classic woman in peril home thriller about Michelle Monaghan getting terrorised by Michael Keaton’s thief after her partner’s diamonds. The film does do the usual tropes as you would expect, but the idea that Michelle Monaghan’s character is blind brings a interesting peril to her character, particular in a scene where she hasn’t noticed that there is a dead body by her fridge. The issue is thought I don’t think they have utilized this idea as well, as eventually it ends up going into clichés and her character ends up doing thinks why out of character. Why not have a shot where it is just pitch black with just sounds happening around, like some insane POV shot. Still Monaghan and Keaton (who also produces) are very good, it is just a shame they are under-utilized.

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