‘Identity Thief’ – Film Thoughts/Review

The two talented comic actors of Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy team up for the first time in comedy caper ‘IDENTITY THIEF’, about McCarthy’s Thief steal pretty much the identity of Bateman’s family man, which goes looking for her in what becomes a madcap road comedy.  The thing with ‘Identity Thief’ the whole thing is a poor vehicle for both McCarthy and Bateman. Everything in the script has been forced around the sitcom like sketches. Everything is between each of these set pieces really lack any life or energy, nor give much for Bateman and McCarthy to do.

The real issue though is that it feels like it has been written like as if they didn’t know how to conclude the story. This is evident with the formulaic Mexican gang subplot which surprisingly wasn’t in any marketing material for the film – making you think that they lost interest with it as well. These moments do make the film seem longer then what it really is and you know it’s not working when Melissa McCarthy’s character isn’t as beloved as the film wants you to think as it feels forced, but I don’t think this Mexican gang subplot will help.

In a positive note Batman and McCarthy work well together on the physical comedy, and get through the clunk script moments. Amanda Peet, Jon Favreau, Genesis Rodiguez, Robert Patrick, John Cho and Morris Chestnut co-star, which considering you might have thought they would have been in something better than this. Of course there is a sequel in development with the money it’s taken, but I can imagine the damage will be done and ultimately audiences will not want to return. And thinking about it – its from the ‘Horrible Bosses’ director which even just like this, was marketed completely different to the film you actually got. Very average indeed

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