‘This Is 40’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Judd Apatow (the man who’s comedy seems to dominate Hollywood at the moment) has made is (as marketed) ‘’sort of sequel to ‘Knocked Up’’’ with ‘THIS IS 40’, staring his real-life wife (and children) of the irritatingly voiced Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd.

Presenting itself as a ‘coming on age’ comedy about adulthood at the age of 40 and trying to keep with their developing daughters, the sadly becomes something it clearly wants to be. Part of the problem with this is that a lot of the dilemmas the characters face in this film are really over nothing. Particularly when they are living in this big house, have trending things and so on. But I believe the biggest issue from this is there isn’t really anything to relate to. Yes there is the occasional laugh at the teenage daughter getting in a strop idea, since she gets the internet taken from her, but other than that you can ever really see yourself (whatever walk of life your from) relating to these people, as they are too unbelievable with the world they inhabit.

Another issue is that fact the general writing of the film revolves around coincidences. Paul Rudd’s father played by Albert Brooks is a father at the age of 60, so it has to happen that his wife (Leslie Mann) has to end up being pregnant at the age of 40. But when the film is made up on this, it just becomes tiresome and bogged down. And this is the shame as there is passion by Apatow clearly on show here trying to bring family life on screen, and the whole relationship between Leslie Mann’s father is certainly interesting. The thing with this film it’s like as if it’s uninterested with the film its presenting itself to be. Instead of ‘coming on age’ comedy, it deploys more into the typical Judd Apatow gross out/over the top comedy which seems to populate Hollywood. Mixing this with a rather long run time (classic pun here is ‘’This is 40 – minutes too long’), you just feel unsatisfied by the end result.

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