‘The Hangover: Part 3’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Who would have thought it, after the first films success at the box office (let alone its 2011 sequel), who would have thought Todd Phillips would return with ‘THE HANGOVER: PART 3’ (wink). Reuniting the everyone other then Mike Tyson (in which its rather strange considering the tattoo on Ed Helms has just cleared up on his face), come together to ‘end’ the franchise.

Before setting out in making this film Todd Phillips believed that he didn’t want to do the whole same-plot-as-before-but-in-different-setting thing like what happened with the sequel, but instead create something more unique and different and fundamentally he has. This film has more scope with locations, action and product placement to put it head and shoulders, with this presentation against other Summer Blockbusters out there. And while this is more a bigger scale approach to the use of locations and stuff looks good, you do start to wonder that the teen audience who have followed these films in the first place might be just a little mortified with what it has become.  Gone has a lot of the comedy (the gags only really start to fly in the second half), the film brings some darker, and emotionally different energy to it. Now personally I do not mind this so much, but the issue for this teen target audience could be the fact that while its presented different then as of the second film, the plot basically is just Justin Bartha’s character getting kidnapped again with them having to save him by finding a gold MacGuffin. So to this target audience I could imagine that it could confuse them.

The real issue to me though, is the fact that back in the original 2009 film (which I liked), the whole thing was presented as if a sequel wasn’t needed. All the main characters had their respected arcs (represented by individual moral dilemma) resolved by the end of the running time, so when this film is wanting people to be sad about these characters in a this final chapter presented film, you don’t really connect or give a crap about them as they were clearly not wrote or conceived to have this running emotional detachment for the audience.  I think if this was a separate film, and had original characters which were not related to ‘The Hangover’ then this might have worked. I give it, it means well, but watching this you do think the whole formula and dynamics between the characters have become damp and weary. In other words: it’s not needed.

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