‘I Give It A Year’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Dan Mazer, writer of ‘Borat’, makes his directorial debut with ‘I Give It a Year’, a new British comedy (with vanes of Richard Curtis), about the pitfall of the first year of marriage. The film has a all inclusive cast of Rose Byrne (wonderful British accent her), Rafe Spall, Anna Faris, Simon Baker, Stephan Merchant, Jason Flemyng, Olivia Coleman and Tim Key.

The first certainly has the Richard Curtis edge to it. From the middle class background, to it’s discussion on the theories and love, to the token support characters, Stephan Merchant’s one is that typical ‘out there’ best friend character, and while that fine I couldn’t help but feel that this film doesn’t feel very British at all. A lot of the humour feels very broad, more in line with US audiences, which is fine, but when it brings nothing more than the odd sniga gags and the other, well know actors over there of Anna Faris (a character you never really care about, even though it wants you to be) and Simon Baker do seem to end up over bare the main two characters.  However Rose Byne and Rafe Spall do have some likability to them, it just a shame their comedic talents are used to fill effect.  Considering the pedigree of talent, both on and off screen, this is a disappointing comedy which could have been something a lot more.

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