‘DR. WHO: Day of the Doctor’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the BBC made very much a TV movie with ‘DR WHO: DAY OF THE DOCTOR’. You might ask why I’m reviewing this, the reason is that this was released in cinemas (in 3D) and show globally at the same time on TV.

Now I’ve never been the biggest fan of ‘Dr. Who’, but I must say I very much enjoyed this feature. Brought together by some incredible effects for TV and scale (clearly BBC spending a lot more than usual on this), this effectively from the looks of things ‘rebooting’ the ‘Dr Who’ continuity just in time for Peter Capaldi’s debut (see 2009’s ‘Star Trek’ for an example). For fans there a lot of hidden ‘’Easter eggs’’ and it draws stuff back from earlier series many years ago. Even if you haven’t a clue (like myself – I researched all this afterwards) about what’s going on with some plot details, the actual story itself is easy and accessible for new comers to follow. Matt Smith is a fine screen presence – however it made me laugh when he said he was going to leave the role like as if it was a big shock, despite him the week previously signing onto three Hollywood features, including that of Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut of ‘How to Catch a Monster’.  David Tennant doesn’t seem to shout as much and John Hurt only adds to the cinematic feel. Regarding this cinematic feel, there is certainly a blockbuster template to be applied here. If it was 10 minutes longer I could imagine that this could be seen as a viable film if was to start as a new and fresh property.

A lot of fans might also like how it does mix the classic Dr. Who cocktail of gloriously gibberish science fiction and big questions about morality, memory and ageing – something it hasn’t done in a long time. Generally a pleasant experience and one of the best TV movies I have seen in recent memory.

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