‘Beautiful Creatures’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Based on the teenage fantasy novel of the same name, ‘BEAUTIFUL CREATURES’ is the next viable franchises wanting to take ‘Twilight’s place. The film has rising stars of Alice Englert and Aiden Ehrenreich as two teenage lovers, with Alice Englert character being very much the Edward Cullen of the relationship (she from a family of Witches) and Alden Ehrenreich in the Bella Swan role.

The thing with this film, it got bad press before it got released earlier this year just from its trailer. It’s something which to me I thought looked like it was trying too hard to be this next ‘Twilight’ and just ignored it because of it. However despite being a carbon copy of not just ‘Twilight’ but elements of ‘Harry Potter’ as well (some plot elements about depiction of good and evil are straight out of Potter), this is better than expected and should fill a hole up for the target audience. You’ve got everything you want, a strong female lead, calling the main mystical creatures something different to that of what they truly are (they are Casters not Witches!), and the main protagonist having the token family members (one is evil cousin, a charismatic over protected Uncle etc). I think what also helps this, is the fact that Jeremy Irons, Emma Thomas, and Thomas Mann provide good support and it’s clear they are enjoying themselves a lot. And there is some interesting use of the South Carolina backdrop as well (jokes being that the cinema there is that out of date they show films which they still get the titles wrong for, including ‘Interception’ and ‘Finale Destination 6’).

It is unfortunate thought that despite these charismatic turns, the film is overly long and in the middle bit has the film reply the scenes, over and over without the moral dilemma seeming to further develop, which is fairly bewildering. Generally thought, it should do its job for its audience, it just needs a little more of its own identity, which it does has, and when it does you do believe that something could have come of this, creatively, and commercially.

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