‘2 Guns’ – Film Thoughts/Review

‘Contraband’ director Baltasar Kormakur reteams with his star of Mark Wahlberg with ‘2 GUNS’, an action film which boiled down is basically just Wahlberg and Denzel Washington shooting things, and things explode around them as it happens. What? It’s a Marc Platt production based on a BOOM! Comic book – what more do you expect?

The thing with Kormakur, he made the US remake of an action drama he once starred in of ‘Reykjavik – Rotterdam’, of ‘Contraband’ a film which I highly enjoyed – even if it was flawed. And fans of that film expecting another action drama, which were popular back in the 1990’s, might be disappointed as this is just ‘shoot, shoot, bang, bang’. Now this isn’t a bad thing, but when you don’t end up giving a crap about the plot MacGuffin of the money, you do start to think what the point is? Particularly when most of this said ‘shoot, shoot, bang, bang’ action is shown in the trailer. I think maybe the issue is more the fact that both Washington and Wahlberg are having too much fun, then what the audience are having watching it on screen. I give it there is a 1980’s homage going on here, and Washington and Wahlberg do have a thing going in which when they are together react like as if they are from ‘Looney Tunes’, with the cartoon violence and such, which is one of the films strongest suits.

This ‘Looney Tunes’-vibe is also in the DNA of the baddies of James Marsden (a lot of fun here) and Bill Paxton (continuing on the 1980’s homage) with their larger than life persona’s and high pain/bullet threshold. It’s a shame though that there isn’t enough of Washington vs. Wahlberg action, as this cartoon vibe really could have allowed this film to do something a little different and more engaging.  Either way it should do its job for a Friday night, brain off viewing, just go into it without expecting more, then you should be fine. And if there is one thing to say, while it’s predictable like ‘The Last Stand’, it uses the region of the Mexican border a lot better.

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