‘Stolen’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Nicolas Cage has reunited with his ‘Con Air’ director of Simon West (the British director to bring you ‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’, ‘The Expendables 2’, ‘The Mechanic’ and the Rick Astley ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ music video) for ‘STOLEN’, produced by Avi Lerner (of ‘The Expendables’ team).

Now this has taken a while to arrive on British land (coming out 5 months after its US release in March 2013) and just from that you might think that it’s not a particully good seal of quality for this film. That and its setup has every action genre cliché in the book, with how has got to rescue his daughter, and how he has to get the money to the bad guy etc. But it does come to a surprise with actually how much I enjoyed. In fact I could say I liked it more than West’s other films after ‘Con Air’. Yes, you can rip it into pieces with how cheesy it is, but with a hammed up turn from Danny Huston, a tomboy turn from Malin Akerman, and Josh Lucas as the metal peg legged Kurt Corbain looking villain this has a certain vibe about it which could see it act as more a through back to the old 1980 action vehicles. It is unbelievably silly, arguably scenes of humour do not work (instead a lot of unintentional humour does) but there is enough good well energy to enjoy this more then what you should. That and the almost inspired by James Horner’s ‘Commando’ one track score, just adds to its likeability and cheesiness.

It’s as if it’s just having more fun than the films its taking stuff from (‘Taken’ etc) and in doing so is as energetic as those old action films of 1998 with the car chases/running in traffic heroics and as a treat here is the entire soundtrack to ‘Stolen’ – that right that one track which plays over and over, and get stuck in your head and sums the film up:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EG3ADl85zU

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