‘Dark Skies’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Busy Hollywood horror producer Jason Blum and his Blumhouse production outlet are back with Scott Stewart’s next film ‘DARK SKIES’, a alien abduction horror about a couple (Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton) protecting their sons from being taken by aliens in a suburban street. Its almost like ‘First Encounters’ meets ‘Amityville’.

Walking into this film I was rather interested, not just in its concept of having aliens instead of ghosts as the primary antagonists, also the fact that Scott Stewart, the man behind 2010 very enjoyable ‘Legion’ (even if the controversy of the angel wings still evokes debate today*) was writing and directing this (2011’s ‘Priest’ no standing). But with some interesting mythology on the aliens themselves and some interesting imagery used up in its trailer (Keri Russell banging her head against a glass door, Birds attacking the house) and a appearance from JK Simmons, this is fundamentally a very routine film with the typical clichés and sadly no real sense of anything memorable in his siege like build up towards the end. However saying it does fit that business model employed by Jason Blum in all of his films which end in a same downbeat tone to it all (see my point in ‘The Purge’ review next to this review).

Other than a good central performance from Keri Russell who brings class, and some good (if yet clichéd) build-up to its third act, you do feel nothing more but abducted – abducted you of your time of course!

*look up ‘’Legion Angel Wings Debate’’



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