‘Fast & Furious 6’ – Film Thoughts/Film Review

Since I have never been a fan of the previous instalments (let’s face it the first was a crap ‘Point Break’ with cars, and the next three just even worse) until 2011’s strangely very entertaining ‘Fast Five’,  so here are my thoughts on ‘FAST & FURIOUS 6’. First thing, if you know anything about the franchise you do have to indeed approach it with less emphasis on film language and more just having your brain switch off (a common trait in the Summer Blockbuster film season), because if you don’t – it will make very little sense.

Is it as good as ‘Fast Five’ you ask? Well no not really, the primary antagonist is really just a little crap. I give it Luke Evans tries his best but there’s nothing there which you think this guy can be really any threat to the hero crew. And because of this British baddie the cynic in you does think ”must every film now be about domestic terrorism by foreigners?”, as basically that’s been a common place so far this year in action cinema. The film itself does indeed have too many characters, which does mean that The Rock (I refuse to call him Dwayne Johnson), doesn’t seem to be given anything too much to do as much as the last instalment, which let’s face it helped resurrect the franchise as ‘The Franchise Viagra’. Still thought his charisma is off the chain. A lot of these characters are the heroes of the film which just overbears the villain on screen, making it hard (again going back to this point) to see him as any real threat. There also a lot of helpless character killed as well, acting as more collateral damage (in one particularly scene the baddie drives over, in a tank, innocent bystanders in their cars on a freeway), however compared to (from what I understand I have yet to see it) ‘A Good Day To Die Hard’ it does show and mention the human casualty of it all, meaning that there is reasoning to it (sort off).

Still thought this is a lot of fun. It’s overly macho (as many critics call ”homo-exotic”), there is still a very practical approach to the car action then over use of crap CGI which the previous one introduced still here. There are two very well paced fight scenes in the London Underground (a lot of the film is based in England – and London doesn’t get nuked – Hooray!!!!!). It is silly; a lot of the ‘human drama’ belongs in a soap at times (Amnesia- Really?, 20mile Runway-Really?), but because of it, it adds to this fun factor, and with the pre-credit end sting, it does indeed make you think that next year’s instalment (due July 2014) could be interesting indeed.  Special mention to the subtitles as well, making them dynamic so the 14 year old teenage boys don’t get bored, in among the international cast. And that fact that it seems to have a lot more female characters in this, making it probably the most gender ranged Blockbuster franchise out there. Silly stuff indeed which should do its job well to the audience, it’s just a shame that the trailer (not that it spoils much of what plot context the action is in) has all the “punch lines” of action scenes in it.

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