‘Trance’ – Film Thoughts/Review

After all the ceremony success from last Summer with the London Games, Danny Boyle has not forgot his filmic roots, with (yet another diverse film to his back catalogue) of ‘TRANCE‘.

Now this film will split people. People might not like how elaborate the plot develops, and too some could confuse because of it. And other more-focused critics of Boyle’s work might not see as much of a deeper meaning to the film, compared to other past features. But this should not be taking away the (at times) utter brilliance of the film. There is some bloody brilliant acting from all three leads of James McAvoy (proving to be one of the more exciting actors from the UK at the moment), Rosario Dawson (who I’ve always thought she was rather an underrated actress) and the ever dependable Vincent Cassel (channelling ‘Mesrine’ all over again). Boyle does well to bring a real synergy between the interplay of these three leads which even if the plot does get over elaborate, still makes the film work because of this.

Regarding the look of the film there are theme’s and cinematography which reminds me of the 1960 film ‘Peeping Tom’, with the mix of the red/orange colour pallet, turtleneck jumps, the way London has been shot and its erotic charged look into obsession and possession. Another credit to Boyle is his direction. Along with his attention to detail with the visual flair (a lot of the violence is very much from a 1970’s gangster film), there is a very good trick employed by him which almost ”hypnotise” the audience, just like what happens to the characters in the film. This can be seen from how the character’s act and mannerism he employs which could very well might mean a very different thing as the film develops. If that last sentence did not make sense to you, all I can say is I’m trying to not to spoil it for you and go witness the film – then you will understand.

Again it will split many with how elaborate the film becomes but it’s nice to see Boyle treating this more a ‘pet project’ with how it feels like he’s going back to more his old ”stopping grounds” of ‘Shallow Grave’, which no matter what you think will certainly still remain long after you’ve watched it, even if it might not mean a repeat viewings in the future. Generally good and fair play to Boyle then going more commercial which many others would.

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