‘Robot & Frank’ – Film Thoughts/Review

From the director of the award winning short film, ‘Blinky’ (watch it now on YouTube if you haven’t) comes his feature film debut with ‘ROBOT & FRANK’, which is out in the came out in the UK earlier this year. ‘Robot & Frank’ tell the story of Frank (Frank Langella) who is a retired thief, who is suffering from the early since of Alzheimer’s. Knowing he need help his son (James Marsden) gives him a robot (voiced by Peter Sarsgaard) to help him on a day-to-day basis, only to use this robot for one more heist.

One thing which struck me about this film is the idea with how its connects this idea about how a robot’s memory can be reset  and restart to that of a Alzheimer’s suffer, which brings this interesting look in the connection between people and technology. There is also a surprisingly interesting look at the effects Alzheimer’s has not just on the suffer but the family too. While it might not win awards, this still a strangely charming little film, with elegant acting (note Susan Sarandon), direction and cinematography. And the criticism of the film just ending abruptly is certainly respectful. Nothing more than just a classic Sci-Fi tale. Enjoyable stuff and worthy of your attention, likeable indeed.

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