‘Hitchcock’ – Film Thoughts/Review

 So just after (well in this country anyway) the BBC/HBO drama titled ‘The Girl’ was on with Sienna Miller and Toby Jones as Hitchcock about the making of ‘The Bird’s’, comes the film of ‘HITCHCOCK’, with Sir Anthony Hopkins as the big man himself and Helen Mirren as his wife Vera. First thing first, its impossible how not to compare this to ‘The Girl’ as argueably ‘The Girl’ is almost a sudo-sequal to ‘Hitchcock’ as that follows on directly where this film finishs. On that while the proformances all around (including the under-uterlised Scarlett Johansson, James D’Arcy and Jessica Biel) from Hopkins and Mirren are excellent, its just a shame that the material there given doesnt really stretch their acting ability which clearly they are game for, something which in ‘The Lady’, despite painting Alfred Hitchcock as a Jimmy Saville type, did! (Toby Jones is still very much one of the finest male British Actor’s working today and argueably the better Alfred Hitchcock). Another noticable flaw of ‘Hitchcock’ is the fact that while his relationship with his wife is explode and its effect’s on ‘Psycho’, but there is no real mension to Hitchcock’s cinematographer for the picture of John L. Russell who’s influence not only one of the most infamous shower scene in film history but also his personnal influence on Hitchcock which contributed to his downfall with his wife. This i find is a shame as to be hornest while there is some emotional depth, the ”break-up” between the two is very tame and (as mensioned before) seems to be resolved just as quick as the relationship starts to break down. Still though there is fun to be had with this. There is a pulpness to it (its from the director of ‘Anvil! The Story of Anvil!’ for christ sake) and the film shot of RED EPIC cams bring a almost Matinee feel to the film. My next film thoughts with be on ‘Stoker’ and will arrive tomorrow evening.

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