‘Warm Bodies’ – Film Thoughts/Review

Having seen it a few days ago, I think it’s time for me to bring my thoughts to Jonathan Levine’s adaptation of a novel (which is essentially ‘Romeo and Juliet’) of WARM BODIES.

The first issue I had with this film (and I believe it something which Mark Kermode pointed out) is what zombie lore does Nicolas Hoult’s R character really follow? Does he follow the ’28 Days’/Snyder’s ‘Dead’ zombies, or the more tradition Romero/’The Walking Dead’ zombie?  The answer is well none of them really. The thing is the zombies depicted here do have their own identity of having eating there victim’s brain they get there victims thoughts which humanism them more (essentially giving the odd reverence to the Romero zombie to human development seen in his classic ‘Dead’ films). This idea is fine and works well in regards in getting the story going (he eats the girl’s boyfriend brain to fall for her) but having used this characterisation it doesn’t feel like they’re really Zombies at all. Maybe I didn’t ‘get’ it but I never got a feeling that the character really changed to me, to begin with he is already human with what he is already doing.  I think if there is one thing you could agree with me on this point is that they’re very much like what the Vampires are in ‘Twilight’.

Still though there is a satirical edge too it thought (the zombie narrates to the audience, the usual zombie idea of that we, ourselves are the actual zombies) but it feels a little safe really. And regarding this ‘Twilight’ inertia its nothing really like that – yes perhaps how the films wraps does have similarities to it and the Zombie characteristics in this are more 12a good looking friendly for that audience, but this is a far less serious piece. However with these faults it still has a likeability to it, which is see in Levine’s more recent previous films of the brilliance of ’50/50′ and ‘The Wackiness’ . And far play to Nicolas Hoult who holds the screen well, and Teresa Palmer as the girl in the piece, which feels almost a take piss of Kirsten Stewart in ‘Twilight’. There is also the American independent films sensibility of that Love can change anyone (this idea seen in last year’s ‘Looper’).

Ultimately is likeable, and will play well to its target audience, just a shame that some of the ideas and plot lines (the idea R has dreams he’s outsider), never really seem to dwelled on, but still this is good fun while it lasts.  

Note: This review was wrote back in February 2013, hense the tense.

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One Response to ‘Warm Bodies’ – Film Thoughts/Review

  1. liamdoesfilm says:

    I say this is a fair review and I have read quite a few on this film and the pointing out of the fact its basically Romeo and Juliet is something not many people mentioned, so well done 🙂 personally the films good but it aint much to fuss over.

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