‘Side By Side’ – Film Thoughts/Review

 ‘SIDE BY SIDE’ the new documentary hosted and produced by Keanu Reeves is about what format, ether Film or Digital, is the best to make films on, something which in recent time has been a huge argument between film practitioners.  This documentary has a huge amount of filming talent and features directors of (huge deep breath) Christopher Nolan, James Cameron, Lars Von Trier, Joel Schumacher, Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, Danny Boyle, David Lynch, Richard Linklaker etc.. and cinematographers including Wally Pfister.

The thing with this documentary (as with all good documentaries) it brings prospective not just from the high end directors but instead from other ‘unsung heroes’ of practitioners including Colour Mixers. The thing also with this film it just shows you how directors such as Danny Boyle (who in this says that if you’re not shooting in digital you’re not making a film anymore) still have an illustrated passion for cinema, even if you agree with them or not. Also note Keanu Reeves surprisingly engaging turn as investigator/interviewer.

Regarding the downfalls, new audiences who are new to this world will be lost, particle how it plows into cinematography (and its terminologies) without explanation, which is weird considering the early goings on the feature tells those who are uninitiated how a camera works and what it’s used for. It also doesn’t really come up with much of an opinion on this issue which to some could seem strange. But still this is an essential watch for anyone interested or currently undergoing a passion to make it in the film making.

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