‘Zero Dark Thirty’ – Film Thoughts/Review

The Oscar Winning filmmaker of ”The Hurt Locker” Kathryn Bigalow returns with ‘ZERO DARK THIRTY’. Anyone who is no t familiar with this film, it’s the account of the hunt for Bin Larden using ‘key people’ to try getting a true account of what happened to his eventual death.

Now many of you might be thinking that this Oscar nominated film (with marketing showing lots of footage of the almost ‘Call of Duty’ looking Marines shooting people) is ‘’Pro-America’’, when in actual fact the film is about the naivety of the US Government, and brings a look into the Taliban’s lives, which for a film on such a issue is very rarely seen, and adds more to the point of having a film which covers these events.

Regarding the plot itself as a viewer you might feel just a little knackered by experience as the film is not only clocking in at a near 3 hours but also is based over a 10 year period, too which it doesn’t skip over nor just mention any of the major events which occur (9/11, 7/7 all appear here). In a practitional standpoint, one must mention the sound editing and mixing which is bloody brilliant – which brings some surprising unexpected intensity to the most subtle scenes of the film.

Regarding acting I believe come Oscar night* this will probably have the best chances of winning a Award out of all of its nominations in the Acting category, (as let’s face it, it’s a film I don’t think the Academy would award ‘Best Picture’ too for its very anti-militant content). Jessica Chastian is excellent, a fucking animal at times chomping at the screen, and should be enough (and deceivably so) to win the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar. Noticeable mentions also go to Kyle Chandler and Mark Strong. Also (of all people) John Barrowman also is in the film (very briefly I must point out with two lines of dialogue!).

In regards to the torture sequences, I didn’t see much controversy in it, I can see people (more pro-American’s) being offended by it as it showed the effects of this by both the captive and the captives. Something which I was more impressed with. And yes there are some generalisations to some of the plot development, but again this is based over a ten year period.  I personally think the most interesting/controversial discussion from this it’s the fact that it is about how both ‘sides’ is a modern warfare machine churning out animals to fight for their depiction of freedom at the cost of others. Rather a challenging, and provocative idea, which is quite Orwellian really. The idea of a new threat change’s everyday, if it’s ether Homeland security or foreign operations.  

Ultimately if you was to compare this to ‘The Hurt Locker’, I would not as it’s by far a more confident, if yet more intelligent, look at the consequences of what the US have done for this hunt and less ‘one dimensional’ on the surface. It will offend people with certain set ideologies and such. And perhaps presenting this film a historical document isn’t going to help criticisms from them, as it will give the impression that everything is based on ‘fact’. Generally I thought this is a terrific piece of filmmaking and as of this date (and from what I have seen) the best film that has been shown in UK cinemas this year so far.

*Again this was wrote back on its UK Cinema release of January 2013.

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