Before I begin this review was wrote back on its the film’s UK release of January 2013, as evident with references to the ‘’Upcoming Oscar’s’’ throughout.  

So ‘The King’s Speech’ director of Tom Hooper has returned for what could possible by this year’s Oscar winner for ‘Best Picture (particully how at moments it feels like it ”ticks all the boxes off” for it to win) of ‘LES MISERABLE’. Featuring an ‘all-star’ cast headlined by Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, and Russell Crowe.

 First let’s dwell on the film’s most noticeable advantage: the performances.  Hugh Jackman is terrific – you can tell he’s a theatre trained thespian, and it’s evident with how he occupies the screen, noticeably with his vocal ability. He also (well to me) reminds me alot of something out of a Bronte novel with the way his character evolves throughout the story and his how the costumes have been designed.  In fact Jackman is so damn good he tends to make the likes of Russell Crowe (who’s singing is not that great – but screen presence is there as the Judge) look a little flat. Anne Hathaway is also excellent for the 20 or so minutes she in it, which out of all Oscar nods you can tell she is certain (and deceivably) going to win her category come end of February. There is some downfalls though, one of the actress’s in the third act (Samantha Barks), sing’s the songs like they are from some third-rate ‘High School Musical’ film. Generally though there is a real effort here in the acting here and the cast no matter what nit-picking I do certainly work hard.

 Some could criticise Hooper’s direction as less film, and more theatre production, which could be highlighted by his more noticeable moving shots which shows a certain stagey feel to the aesthetic of its set design (however his ‘King’s Speech’ inspired direction with lots of headspace is evident again here). Generally thought if you not into Musicals I would recommend you give it ago (even if it does ‘’plow’’ you straight in at the beginning, and nit-picking again, but the third act has a almost forced conclusion to its love triangle plot line), but you get something deserving out of it.

Personally out of all the films nominated for Best Picture (from what I’ve seen) this will probably hit the mark bang on; however I have feel something like (a personnel favourite) ‘Argo’* might just be the curveball. Anyway highly recommendable experience, which none committed might like as well.

*Boy was I correct……..

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